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Top 40 Yard Dash Times

  • Demetri Knowles 4.28
  • Corey Fuller 4.35
  • Kyle Fuller 4.35
  • Kevin Asante 4.38
  • Antone Exum 4.39
  • Dyrell Roberts 4.40
  • Alonzo Tweedy 4.43
  • James Gayle 4.44
  • James Hopper 4.45
  • Marcus Davis 4.47



Final Vertical Jumps

  • Marcus Davis - 42.5"
  • Michael Holmes - 41"
  • Demetri Knowles - 40"
  • James Gayle - 39.5" (Defensive End Position Record)
  • Dadi Nicolas - 38"
  • Antone Exum - 38"
  • Chris Caver - 38"
  • Alonzo Tweedy - 37.5"
  • Corey Marshall - 37" (Defensive Tackle Position Record)
  • E.L. Smiling - 37"
  • James Hopper - 37"


 Push Jerk
  • Tyler Barfield - 380
  • David Wang - 351
  • Brent Benedict - 346
  • Andrew Miller - 346
  • Matt Arkema - 344
  • Joey Phillips - 341
  • Derrick Hopkins - 341
  • Nick Acree - 341
  • Laurence Gibson - 341

Vertical Jump

  • Marcus Davis - 42.5"
  • Michael Holmes - 41"
  • Demetri Knowles - 40"
  • Antone Exum - 38"
  • Chris Caver - 38"
  • Alonzo Tweedy - 37.5"
  • E.L. Smiling - 37"
  • James Hopper - 37"


 Bench Press
  • Tyler Barfield - 440
  • Nick Acree - 440
  • Vinston Painter - 430
  • Laurence Gibson - 415
  • Brent Benedict - 410
  • James Gayle - 400
  • Justin Taylor - 395
  • Justus Hoffman - 390
  • Antoine Hopkins - 380
  • Matt Arkema - 380
  • Kris Harley - 380

Power Clean

  • Joey Phillips - 358
  • James Gayle - 351
  • Laurence Gibson - 346
  • David Wang - 336
  • Vinston Painter - 336
  • Derrick Hopkins - 336
  • Nick Becton - 336
  • Nick Acree - 326
  • Matt Arkema - 321
  • Corey Marshall - 319
  • Brent Benedict - 319



Max Testing 2012 Top Performers Front Squat

  • Tyler Barfield - 515 - Offensive Guard Position Record
  • Vinston Painter - 500 - Offensive Tackle Position Record
  • Derrick Hopkins - 490
  • Telvon Clark - 490 - Inside Linebacker Position Record
  • Riley Beiro - 475
  • Martin Scales - 465
  • Joey Phillips - 460
  • Laurence Gibson - 460
  • Corey Marshall - 450
  • Tyrel Wilson - 440 - Defensive End Position Record
  • James Gayle - 440
  • Brent Benedict - 440
  • Carl Jackson - 415 - Cornerback Position Record




Hokie fans, Wednesday, February 1st, the Virginia Tech Football program signs its 2012 recruiting class! For our 10th year in a row, will have detailed profiles, interviews, photo galleries, and videos of each signee, as it happens, beginning approximately 8:00 am EST Wednesday morning! ADDITIONALLY... don't miss Coach Frank Beamer and each signee's recruiting coach's first public comments about the signees! It's all in the Coach's Club! Don't miss the great content on National Letter of Intent signing day!


 Scout Team Max Testing Top Performers

Bench Press

  • Nick Acree - 465 (9th All Time)
  • Tyler Barfield - 450
  • Brent Benedict - 410
  • Justus Hoffman - 390
  • Justin Taylor - 380

Front Squat

  • Tyler Barfield -510 Offensive Guard Position Record, All Time Record
  • Carl Jackson - 410 Defensive Back Position Record
  • Nick Acree - 410
  • Kris Harley - 400
  • Dale Davis - 400
  • Brent Benedict - 400

Push Jerk

  • Tyler Barfield - 380
  • Nick Acree - 341
  • Brent Benedict - 320
  • Michael Holmes - 305
  • Jake Goins - 295

Vertical Jump

  • Michael Holmes - 39.5
  • E.L. Smiling - 38.5
  • Dadi Nicolas - 38
  • Chris Caver - 37
  • Michael Cole - 36.5


 For the Marshall game, Jayron Hosley will carry the American flag, Antoine Hopkins will carry the Virginia flag and Tariq Edwards will carry the Spirit flag.


CBS Sports Network


 The following FoxSportsNet broadcast cable affiliates currently show in their listings for Saturday, September 17th, they will be showing the Arkansas State vs. Virginia Tech football game live, as part of the ACC Networks' Regional SportsNet coverage. Check your local cable listings, DirecTV, and Dish for the specific channels.


 True freshmen Kyshoen Jarrett, Adeboye Aromire, Caleb Farris, Luther Maddy, Dadi Nicolas, Corey Marshall and Ryan Malleck will be on the dress squad for the Appalachian State game.


10:20p is now on Twitter! Follow us at:

Now, as soon as we know... you'll know!


 Mark Leal and D.J. Coles expected to miss Saturday's scrimmage due to leg injuries.


 Key closed scrimmage for the younger players on Tuesday (Aug 9th). 42-scripted plays.


 As of today, Michael Holmes has been given approval to participate in practice, beginning this afternoon.


 Nick Acree will move to OL for this afternoons practice number 4. He will wear #58. Daniel Dyer(Salem, Va) will replace Dominique Patterson(ankle) on the 105 squad pre season limit.


 Punter Scott Demler, TE Fuller Hoepner and OL Tyler Barfield fill out the 105 man roster for camp.


 Virginia Tech Football Pre-Season Schedule

All practice sessions closed to the public, other than Saturday 8/13/11, and Saturday 8/20/11. Those scrimmages are open to public and free. No video recording devices of any kind are allowed inside Lane Stadium for those scrimmages. Thank you.

August 2011

  • 8/3/11 - Mandatory Report Date
  • 8/4/11 - August Pre-Season Practice #1
  • 8/5/11 - Pre-Season Practice #2
  • 8/6/11 - Virginia Tech Media Day at Lane Stadium, Team Photo, Pre-Season Practice #3
  • 8/7/11 - Pre-Season Practice #4
  • 8/8/11 - Pre-Season Practice #5
  • 8/9/11 - Pre-Season Practice #6
  • 8/10/11 - Pre-Season Practice #7
  • 8/11/11 - Pre-Season Practice #8
  • 8/12/11 - Pre-Season Practice #9
  • 8/13/11 - Pre-Season Practice #10, Scrimmage #1, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, 4:00 pm
  • 8/14/11 - off
  • 8/15/11 - Pre-Season Practice #11
  • 8/16/11 - Pre-Season Practice #12
  • 8/17/11 - Pre-Season Practice #13
  • 8/18/11 - Pre-Season Practice #14
  • 8/19/11 - Pre-Season Practice #15
  • 8/20/11 - Pre-Season Practice #16, Scrimmage #2, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, 2 pm
  • 8/21/11 - off
  • 8/22/11 - Virginia Tech Fall Semester Classes Begin, Pre-Season Practice #17
  • 8/23/11 - Pre-Season Practice #18
  • 8/24/11 - Pre-Season Practice #19
  • 8/25/11 - Pre-Season Practice #20
  • 8/26/11 - Pre-Season Practice #21, Scrimmage #3 CLOSED
  • 8/27/11 - Pre-Season Practice #22
  • 8/28/11 - Normal Gameweek Sunday
  • 8/29/11 - Normal Gameweek Monday
  • 8/30/11 - Normal Gameweek Tuesday
  • 8/31/11 - Normal Gameweek Wednesday


2011 Virginia Tech Football Staff
(click photo above for larger version)
Front Row, left to right, Associate Head Coach and Running Backs Coach Shane Beamer, Offensive Coordinator and Tight Ends/Offensive Tackles Coach Bryan Stinespring, Director of Recruiting and High School Relations Jim Cavanaugh, Assistant to the Head Coach and Senior Advisor Billy Hite, Defensive Coordinator and Inside Linebackers Coach Bud Foster, Outside Linebackers and Assistant Defensive Line Coach Cornell Brown.

Second Row, left to right, Graduate Assistant Coach Jimmy Martin, Defensive Line Coach Charley Wiles, Quarterbacks Coach Mike O'Cain, Football Operations Assistant Bruce Garnes, Head Coach Frank Beamer, Associate Athletics Director for Football Operations Dr. John Ballein, Team Chaplain Johnny Shelton, Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach Keith Short, Graduate Assistant Coach Orion Martin.

Back Row, left to right, Head Trainer Dr. Mike Goforth, Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach Jarrett Ferguson, Offensive Guards and Center Coach Curt Newsome, Wide Receivers Coach Kevin Sherman, Strength and Conditioning Graduate Asst. John Candelas, Director of Video Operations Kevin Hicks, Defensive Backfield Coach Torrian Gray, Director of Equipment Operations Lester Karlin.


 Cornell Brown will serve as Head Coach for the White Team and Shane Beamer will serve as the Head Coach for the Maroon Team in tomorrows Spring Game.


 Bustle to join football staff in July. Log in to the Coaches Club for details



Virginia Tech All America cornerback Jayron Hosley has been named to the 2011 Lott IMPACT Trophy Watch List, honoring the top collegiate defensive player in the country. The announcement came today at a luncheon hosted by Ronnie Lott and the Pacific Club IMPACT Foundation. This is the eighth year that the IMPACT Foundation has recognized the student-athletes throughout the nation who have had the biggest IMPACT on their teams both on and off the field. IMPACT is an acronym for Integrity, Maturity, Performance, Academics, Community and Tenacity, characteristics that Ronnie Lott exhibited throughout his brilliant Hall of Fame career at both USC and in the National Football League.



Bruce Taylor will have Spring Football Season ending surgery on his left shoulder Tuesday by Dr. Marc Siegel at Montgomery Regional Hospital. The procedure will be arthroscopic and will require 6-8 weeks to recover and he is expected back full for the start of Summer preperation.

Ricardo Young is having an MRI done today at Montgomery Regional Hospital on his right foot to determine if he will need surgery to repair a mid-foot sprain. If surgery is needed, he will be out 4-6 months.



2011 Virginia Tech Football Spring Practice Schedule and Open Scrimmage Announcement

  • 3/30/11 - Spring Practice Day 1
  • 4/1/11 - Spring Practice Day 2
  • 4/2/11 - Spring Practice Day 3
  • 4/4/11 - Spring Practice Day 4
  • 4/6/11 - Spring Practice Day 5
  • 4/8/11 - Spring Practice Day 6
  • 4/9/11 - Spring Practice Day 7 - Scrimmage, Lane Stadium, 11 am, Open to the Public
  • 4/11/11 - Spring Practice Day 8
  • 4/13/11 - Spring Practice Day 9
  • 4/14/11 - Spring Practice Day 10
  • 4/15/11 - Spring Practice Day 11 - Scrimmage, Lane Stadium, 7 pm, Open to the Public
  • 4/18/11 - Spring Practice Day 12
  • 4/20/11 - Spring Practice Day 13
  • 4/22/11 - Spring Practice Day 14
  • 4/23/11 - Spring Practice Day 15 - Spring Game, Lane Stadium, 2 pm, Free and Open to the Public

All other practices are closed. No cameras or video recorders are allowed inside Lane Stadium for the Open Scrimmages. Thank you for your compliance.



Dr. Mike Gentry has started Winter Max Testing. Here's the start of the results. We'll have more as they come in. Stay tuned.

Vertical Jump

  • Marcus Davis - 44" * Position Record * and broke the 14 year Program Overall Record held by Pierson Prioleau of 43.5"
  • David Wilson - 40.5"
  • Jarrett Boykin - 40"
  • Alonzo Tweedy -38.5"
  • Ricardo Young -38.5"

10 Yard

  • David Wilson -1.63
  • Kyle Fuller -1.67
  • Jarrett Boykin -1.68
  • Mark Carter - 1.68
  • Jayron Hosely - 1.68

Push Jerk

  • David Wang – 370
  • Tyler Barfield – 363
  • Josh Oglesby – 361 Tailback Position Record formerly held by Ken Oxendine at 361
  • Vinston Painter – 360
  • Andrew Miller – 358

Front Squat

  • Vinston Painter – 485 Guard Position Record
  • Derrick Hopkins – 485 Defensive Tackle Position Record formerly held by Kwamaine Battle 475
  • Tyler Barfield – 475
  • D.J. Coles – 450 Wide Receiver Position Record
  • David Wilson – 445 Tailback Position Record formerly held by Darren Evans 440

Power Clean

  • David Wang – 380 (7th all time)
  • Jaymes Brooks – 375 (9th all time)
  • James Gayle – 366 (Defensive End Position Record formerly held by Nathaniel Adibi)
  • Michael Via – 341
  • Vinston Painter - 341

Bench Press

  • Vinston Painter – 465 (9th All Time)
  • Nick Acree – 430
  • James Gayle – 420
  • Tyler Barfield – 420
  • David Wang – 410
  • Courtney Prince – 410
  • Blake DeChristopher – 410
  • Kwamaine Battle -- 410

Power Clean

  • David Wang - 380 (7th all time)
  • Jaymes Brooks - 375 (9th all time)
  • Joey Phillips - 370 (10th all time)
  • James Gayle - 366 (Defensive End Position Record formerly held by Nathaniel Adibi)
  • David Wilson - 346 (Tailback Position Record)

40 Yard Dash

  • David Wilson - 4.29
  • Mark Carter - 4.33
  • Alonzo Tweedy - 4.33
  • Jayron Hosely - 4.34
  • Corey Fuller - 4.36


  • David Wilson - 3.85
  • Mark Carter - 4.02
  • Kyle Fuller - 4.02
  • Alonzo Tweedy - 4.03
  • Willie Byrn - 4.04



Rashad “Rock” Carmichael, Virginia Tech’s talented senior cornerback, has been invited to participate in the 62nd Senior Bowl. The game will be played, Saturday, January 29th in Mobile, Alabama, and televised by the NFL Network. Congrats Rock!



Orange Bowl 2010 Team Calendar

December, 2010

  • (Mon) 12/6/10 - Team Meeting
  • (Fri) 12/10/10 - 5:30 pm PRACTICE (also Bowl Media Day)
  • (Sat) 12/11/10 - 2:00 pm PRACTICE
  • (Sun) 12/12/10 - 9:00 am PRACTICE
  • (Thur) 12/16/10 - VT Exams End, 4:45 pm PRACTICE
  • (Fri) 12/17/10 - 9:00 am PRACTICE
  • (Sat) 12/18/10 - 1:30 pm PRACTICE
  • (Sun) 12/19/10 - 2:15 pm PRACTICE
  • (Mon) 12/20/10 - 2:15 pm PRACTICE
  • (Tue) 12/21/10 - 9:00 am PRACTICE, Break for Christmas Holiday following practice
  • (Tue) 12/28/10 - All players report back to Blacksburg, VT Program Travel Day, Blacksburg to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • (Wed) 12/29/10 - Normal Gameweek Monday Prep
  • (Thur) 12/30/10 - Normal Gameweek Tuesday Prep
  • (Fri) 12/31/10 - Normal Gameweek Wednesday Prep
  • (Sat) 1/1/11 - Normal Gameweek Thursday Prep
  • (Sun) 1/2/11 - Normal Gameweek Friday, Walk-thru, Team Photo
  • (Mon) 1/3/11 - 2011 Orange Bowl vs. Stanford, SunLife Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, ESPN, 8:00 pm



Scout Team Testing Results

Super Iron Hokie

  • Riley Beiro

Iron Hokie

  • Tyler Barfield


  • Laurence Gibson
  • Derek Dinardo


  • Matt Arkema
  • Zack McCray
  • Jonathan Halfide
  • Lance Barbour
  • Carl Jackson
  • Theron Norman
  • Germond Oatneal
  • Lukas Stump


  • Kory Gough
  • Patrick Williams
  • Daniel Dyer
  • Willie Byrn
  • E.L. Smiley
  • Dale Davis


  • BARFIELD, T. - 430
  • ACREE, N. - 420
  • GIBSON, L - 395
  • BEIRO, R. - 360
  • ARKEMA, M - 350


  • BARFIELD, T. - 450
  • GIBSON, L. - 405
  • BEIRO, R. - 400
  • WILLIAMS, P. - 385
  • PATTERSON, D. - 380
  • ARKEMA, M. - 380


  • BARFIELD, T - 360
  • BEIRO, R. - 305
  • ARKEMA, M. - 300
  • ACREE, N. - 300
  • GIBSON, LA. - 290


  • ARKEMA, M. - 314
  • GIBSON, LA. - 300
  • BEIRO, R. - 285
  • BARFIELD, T. - 285
  • SMILING, E.L. - 280
  • HALFIDE, J. - 280
  • MCCRAY, Z. - 280


  • DEW, N. - 1.64
  • FULLER, C. - 1.66
  • CARTER, M. - 1.67
  • SMILING, E.L. - 1.7
  • YOUNG, R. - 1.71
  • LEAL, M. - 1.71


  • YOUNG, R. - 38
  • CAVER, C. - 38
  • DEW, N. - 37.5
  • SMILING, E.L. - 36.5
  • CARTER, M. - 36



Below are the results of the Final Ratings in the Sagarin Computer Poll in USA TODAY from 1998-through-2009. Virginia Tech ranks fifth in the nation when averaging the final ratings during the 12-year history:


Texas 9.58
Florida 11.08
Oklahoma 11.83
Ohio State 13.25
Va Tech 13.83
USC 15.58
FSU 16.08
Georgia 17.50
LSU 20.5
Miami 20.67

It is also interesting to note that in Sagarin’s all time Top 10, there are three ACC schools listed.


 VT vs Miami 3:30 ABC or ESPN



Narrowed down from an original field of 22, there are now 10 senior college quarterbacks in the running for the 2010 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award:

Andy Dalton, TCU

Pat Devlin, University of Delaware

Nathan Enderle, Idaho

Colin Kaepernick, Nevada

Jake Locker, Washington

Greg McElroy, Alabama

Christian Ponder, Florida State

Ricky Stanzi, Iowa

Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech

Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin


 VT vs. UNC 3:30 ABC


Coach Beamer with Teri Bosomworth and Keary Schaub of Blacksburg, at the Farmhouse  Restaurant!
Our most recent winners of "Pre-Game Dinner with Coach and the Team at the Farmhouse Restaurant" drawing: Ms. Teri Bosomworth and Mr. Keary Shaub of Blacksburg! Congratulations!


 Coach Beamer Assists With Engineering Project

It's hard to get inside a Virginia Tech football practice, but when a group of Tech Engineering students contacted the football office for help with a class project, Coach Beamer was happy to assist.

"I say it all the time, 'We're all in this together,'" begins Coach Beamer. "When I found out that this was a legitimate assignment, that they wanted to study the effectiveness and productivity of our practice, I was happy to assist. To be honest, I'm anxious to hear their results. I know this university produces top quality engineers and if they come up with ways that we can better manage our time, or ways that make us more productive, I'd welcome that feedback."

The class is Work Measurements and Methods Engineering, comprised of aspiring Industrial and Systems Engineers. The objective of the lab study was to choose a real world scenario to practice a work sampling and time study. Matt Chegin came up with the idea of analyzing a football practice.

"Well, the class thought it was a great idea," says Chegin. "We have a lot of football fans and a lot of Coach Beamer fans. That made it interesting, but we were intrigued with finding out how the practices are organized and implemented. I explained what we were trying to accomplish with Dr. John Ballein in the football office. He was great. He provided us with an itinerary of the practice and it was broken down to the second. We were shocked at how precise, detailed and organized the practice was. We were impressed with the players and they way they moved from station to station between each period. We performed two studies, one was a time study, the other a work sampling study. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of the practice within the given allotted time. The purpose of the time study was for each period of practice, we wanted to analyze productive time and non productive time and compare it for the duration of the period. We wanted to see how much of the practice was productive time as opposed to nonproductive time. I can't thank Coach Beamer and the football program enough. Everyone we dealt with was extremely professional and accommodating. It's an assignment that we'll never forget."

And, Tech football won't forget Matt Chegin, nor his brothers. When Matt showed up for the assignment, his triplet brothers, Mike and Chris, were also in the class. The brothers attended Cox High School in Virginia Beach where they were all outstanding students and baseball players. All three decided to attend Virginia Tech and all three have the same Engineering Major. Not only do they see one another in class all the time, they're also roommates. Now, that's a Band of Brothers!


A look at Virginia Tech's new football practice field tower and "Respect" banner


 Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech 3:30 pm on ESPNU


Breast Cancer Awareness wrist bands to be worn by all Virginia Tech players in the game against Central Michigan on Saturday. Following the game, the bands will be auctioned off to raise funds for American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Awareness efforts.


Former Virginia Tech tailback Dustin Pickle is sworn in as a new Police Officer for the City of Salem, Virginia. Above, Salem Police Chief Jeff Dudley (right) and Captain Tim Guthrie (left), and Dustin and Parents Mike and Sandra Pickle


VT Corps of Cadets will be represented at the NC State game by Cadets Lydia Choi and Christina Devereux


 Virginia Tech vs. Central Michigan 12 noon kickoff on ESPNU


Coach Beamer wanted to share this letter that he received from a Virginia Tech Cadet. Click on the image to read.



Junior DE Chris Drager will miss the JMU game due to injury.



11:15am Coaches Meeting

11:30am Breakfast

11:55am Chapel Service

12:05pm Position Meetings

3:40pm Special Teams Meetings

4:00pm Pregame Meal

5:15pm Offense and Defense Meetings

5:20pm Team Meeting

5:30pm Depart for Stadium

6:00pm Arrive at Stadium

8:02pm Take the field

8:03pm Coin Toss

8:06pm Kickoff

12:15am Depart for Airport

1:15am Depart for Roanoke

2:15am Arrive in Roanoke

3:15am Arrive in Blackburg




In addition to the uniforms striking visuals, the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress offers the ultimate in lightweight protection. The uniforms were designed from the inside out, beginning with the padded base layer. The Nike Pro Combat base layer allows for specific pad placement to suit every position, providing a highly customized solution. The base layer also delivers critical protection and greater mobility than traditional pads for unencumbered speed.

With padding integrated into the base layer, the outer uniform becomes a lightweight, breathable sheath with a fitted, superhero look. The sleek jersey and pant are constructed from a four-way stretch twill that rapidly sheds sweat and water, ensuring that even when wet, these uniforms are lighter than their standard-issue counterparts when completely dry. Overall, the uniform is 37 percent lighter than current designs.

The Nike Pro Combat System of Dress addresses the sport's evolution, providing unmatched lightweight protection for players who are stronger, faster and more powerful than ever before.

Nike designers studied each team's past, present and vision for the future. They immersed themselves in the community and culture of the universities. As a result, the special-edition uniforms capture the soul and spirit of each program.

Key design details from the uniforms include:

  • Alabama: Houndstooth check pattern incorporated into the uniform in tribute to legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.
  • Boise State: Reflective, Game Royal Bronco head on the uniform echoes the famed blue turf of Bronco stadium.
  • Florida: Alligator-skin motif used in the jersey numbers, pant, gloves and footwear inspired by menacing Gator mascot.
  • Miami: Tonal Fir palm-frond print emblematic of South Florida incorporated into the jersey numbers, pant and footwear.
  • Ohio State: Stylized script numbers, a replica U.S. flag on the jersey sleeve and the camouflage-print base layer honor the WWII-bound Buckeyes, National Champions of 1942.
  • Oregon State: Retro design revives a look worn by the victorious 1967 "Giant Killers."
  • Pittsburgh: Notched Team Gold jersey numbers and stencil stripe on the helmet evoke steel I-beams in reference to Pittsburgh's steel industry.
  • TCU: Icy lizard-skin pattern used throughout the uniform inspired by the scaly body armor of TCU's horned frog mascot and a memorable quote from celebrated coach Leo "Dutch" Meyer.
  • Virginia Tech: All-black uniform references the cadet gray-and-black regalia worn by Virginia Tech's original football team and honors the school's current Corps of Cadets.
  • West Virginia: A headlamp-like line running front-to-back on the helmet and smudged Black pattern on the uniform pay respect to the region's coal mining industry.

Corps of Cadets to attend Tech/Boise State game thanks to donation
Tech Athletics Department to honor Corps this year with special uniforms

BLACKSBURG - Members of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets will be attending the Tech/Boise State football game at FedEx Field on Sept. 6 thanks to a donation of tickets from the Washington Redskins and the Tech Athletics Department.

A majority of Corps of Cadets, approximately 700 members, will travel as a regiment to attend, marking the first regimental movement in over a quarter century. Additionally, the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Color Guard will present the Colors from the field for the National Anthem. The Hokies Respect public address announcement on sportsmanship will be given from the field by retired Army Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, a 1970 graduate of Virginia Tech and the Corps of Cadets. General Boykin spent most of his Army career in Special Operations and Delta Force, and he was a teammate of Frank Beamer on the Virginia Tech football team for three years.

The Hokie football team will be wearing special uniforms for the game as part of the Nike Pro Combat System. The uniforms are in honor of the Corps of Cadets, an integral part of Virginia Tech’s unique football culture and the university’s enduring tradition since it’s earliest days as a full-time military school. This winter the basketball team will wear a special uniform for a game and the baseball team will do the same for a contest this spring in honor of the Corp.




During this afternoon’s teleconference with the national media, Frank Beamer announced that David Wilson WILL NOT redshirt. “We’re planning to play David,” says Coach Beamer. “Billy (Hite) met with him yesterday (to let him know that he was in the plans) and David has really been exceptional in our preseason and he brings another element back their at tailback and I think that he can help this football team be successful. He wants to do it. I think you need to get your best football players on the field, and he’s one of them! In the preseason practices he’s been outstanding in every scrimmage.”


 Tech coaches finished meeting this morning and have made the final decision on the 70 man travel team. Mike Goforth reports that there were no injuries suffered in yesterday's final scrimmage.


 This morning Coach Frank Beamer named his seniors as the game day captains for the Boise State game. All of the seniors will take the field for the coin toss with Tyrod Taylor and John Graves making the call.


Virginia Tech wide receiver Xavier Boyce and linebacker Lorenzo Williams underwent MRIs last night at Montgomery Regional Hospital in Blacksburg to evaluate the injuries they sustained in Saturday's scrimmage.

Williams tested positive for a Lisfranc sprain in his right foot and is tentatively set to have surgery next Thursday. He is expected to miss the season.

Boyce's MRI revealed a grade 2 MCL sprain in his left knee and no surgery is required. He is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.



The following players are OUT for Saturday's 2pm scrimmage inside Lane Stadium:

Michael Via (knee)

Barquell Rivers (quad)

Alonzo Tweedy (groin)

DJ Coles (finger and groin)

Nick Becton (toe)

Martin Scales (groin)

Jayron Hosely (hamstring)


Photos of the VT Hokie Football "Student Move In Crews"


 Nike outfits elite NCAA football teams with creative new design elements in popular uniform system

Select teams will feature Nike Pro Combat System of Dress during key games on 2010 football season schedule

August 18, 2010
BEAVERTON, Ore. - Ten of the top college football programs have been selected to wear uniquely designed Nike uniforms for at least one game during the 2010 season the company announced today.

The University of Alabama, Boise State University, University of Florida, University of Miami (FL), The Ohio State University, Oregon State University, University of Pittsburgh, Texas Christian University, Virginia Tech and West Virginia University will wear the innovative designs for a minimum of one game on their schedules. The dates of those games will be announced at the unveiling of the uniforms Sept. 1 in New York.

The Nike Pro Combat System of Dress uniforms the schools will wear are engineered to provide superior protection and durability, while utilizing advanced fabrics and tooling that reduce weight.

Nike worked diligently with each university to bring relevant elements of the school's rich heritage into the futuristic elite fit uniform designs. The collaborations with the universities produced the highly customized uniforms that will be revealed just days prior to the start of the 2010 college football season


 Congratulations to both Aaron Rouse and Pierson Prioleau. Both completed their degrees from Virginia Tech this summer.


 Nike is expected to make an announcement Wednesday afternoon on the 10 football programs participating in the 2010 Pro Combat System of uniforms.


 GREENSBORO, NC –The Atlantic Coast Conference announced Monday that the ACC’s official website,, will once again feature a special preseason football preview of the Conference’s schools entitled “The 12 Days of 2010 ACC Football”.

The series, a virtual preview tour of the league’s 12 football programs, will begin this afternoon with an advance look of the Maryland Terrapins, and will conclude on Friday, August 27, with an early look at the preseason pick to win the 2010 ACC Football Championship, the Virginia Tech Hokies. In between, each ACC school will be previewed individually on 12 consecutive days with teams unveiled based on their predicted order of finish.

The series will consist of a preview story from each school written by campus correspondents for as well as updated bios of ACC head coaches, statistics, rosters and notes on the upcoming football season. Additionally, preview video action clips will be available produced by the ACC’s advanced media department. Links are also available to each school’s football web page.

Information and links to the 2010 Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship Game, which will be played on Dec. 4 at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium are also available. Televised in 3-D and HD by ESPN, the ACC title game will have a 7:45 pm kickoff for the second year in a row.

The schedule for the ACC’s “12 Days of ACC Football 2010” follows:

August 16—Maryland (Atlantic Division)

August 17—Virginia (Coastal Division)

August 18—Wake Forest (Atlantic Division)

August 19—Duke (Coastal Division)

August 20—NC State (Atlantic Division)

August 21—North Carolina (Coastal Division)

August 22—Boston College (Atlantic Division)

August 23—Georgia Tech (Coastal Division)

August 24—Clemson (Atlantic Division)

August 25—Miami (Coastal Division)

August 26—Florida State (Atlantic Division)

August 27---Virginia Tech (Coastal Division)



Virginia Tech Football Announces Fundraiser
Funds donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Blacksburg, Va - Head Coach Frank Beamer and the Virginia Tech Football team announced today a fundraiser to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink bracelets will be sold for $1 each at the University Bookstore on-campus, the Volume Two Bookstore at University Mall, and the Hokie Stadium Shops in Lane Stadium. Pink Bracelets can also be purchased online at All funds donated will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

October is known as National Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Hokies will designate the October 9 game as Breast Cancer Awareness Day when they host Central Michigan in Lane Stadium. Members of the Virginia Tech football team will wear pink wristbands to show their support.

Individuals or groups wishing to purchase a minimum of 100 wristbands can do so by emailing the Virginia Tech Football office at Checks are to be made out to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



The Virginia Tech football program will be holding the first of two open scrimmages this Saturday inside Lane Stadium.

Practice begins at 4 p.m., with the scrimmage starting at approximately 4:45 p.m. Fans are encouraged to attend, but are allowed to sit in the west stands only. Also, videotaping is strictly prohibited.

The only other open scrimmage to the public is on Saturday, Aug. 21 and that practice will begin at 2 p.m.

Fans can enter through gates 4 and 5 only. No fans will be allowed on the field following the scrimmage. Concession stands and the bookstore souvenir shop will be open on the West side only.


 A player that has stood out early in pre season has been freshman Derek DiNardo. In an effort to give DiNardo in the best position to contribute to the team, he has been moved to whip linebacker.


2010 Virginia Tech Hokies
The 2010 Virginia Tech Hokies
(click image for larger version)


 Since the departure of Kenny Lewis, Jayron Hosley will wear jersey number 20 this fall. Hosley selected number 17 this past spring. Walk on Blaine Mason has decided to leave the team.


 2010 August Check-In Player Heights and Weights

# Player Height Weight

1 Exum Antone 6'0" 219
2 Morgan Davon 6"0.5" 196
3 Thomas Logan 6'6" 242
4 Wilson David 5'11" 200
5 Taylor Tyrod 6'1.5" 210
6 Leal Mark 5'11.5" 199
7 Davis Marcus 6'4" 229
8 Young Ricardo 6'0" 160
9 Hill Cris 5'11" 180
11 Roberts Dyrell 6'1" 189
12 Clayton Ju Ju 6'1" 220
13 Dunn Randall 6'2" 248
14 Patterson Dominique 6'1" 227
15 Whitley Ed 6'0" 195
16 Beyer Jeff
17 Hosley Jayron 5'10.5" 170
18 Coles DJ 6'3" 225
19 Coale Danny 6'0" 198
20 Lewis Kenny 5'8.5" 206
21 Carmichael Rashad 5'10" 186
22 Gregory Tony 5'11.5" 182
23 Williams Lorenzo 6'2" 217
24 Edwards Tariq 6'3" 228
25 Oglesby Josh 5'10.5" 211
26 Hopper James 5'9" 180
27 Williams Jerrodd 6'0" 203
28 Tweedy Alonzo 6'1.5" 188
29 Boyce Xavier 6'4" 220
30 Saunders Brian 6'0" 198
31 Younger Kenny 5'11" 228
32 Evans Darren 6'0" 220
33 Drager Chris 6'4" 255
34 Williams Ryan 5'10.5" 202
35 Fuller Austin 6'2" 221
36 Williams Chase 6'1" 231
37 Sykes Jaycob 6'1" 190
38 Odom Quillie 6'1" 239
39 Gibson Lyndell 5'11" 232
40 Norman Theron 6'3" 194
41 Bonner Detrick 6'0" 181
42 Collins J.R. 6'2.5" 254
43 Gouvia-Winslow Jeron 6'2" 207
44 Luckett Zach 6'3" 216
45 Jones Joe 6'3" 277
46 Dew Nick 6'1" 191
47 Laiti Brian 6'2.5" 205
48 Myer Justin 6'1" 214
49 Fuller Kyle 5'11" 178
50 Carroll Colin 6'3" 248
51 Taylor Bruce 6'1.5" 247
52 Rivers Barquell 5'11" 236
53 Tucker Dwight 6'1.5" 277
54 Becton Nick 6'6" 311
55 Hamlette Isaiah 6'4.5" 270
56 Hopkins Antoine 6'1" 302
57 Clark Telvion 6'0" 217
58 Tyler Jack 6"1" 228
59 Prince Courtney 6'2.5" 268
60 Warren Beau 6'4" 286
61 Fisher Darian 6'4" 256
62 DeChristopher Blake 6'5" 320
63 Gibson Lawence 6'5.5" 293
64 Arkema Matt 6'3" 275
65 Keyserling Ethan 6'2" 188
66 Wilson Tyrel 6'2" 220
67 Via Michael 6'7" 300
68 Brooks Jaymes 6'2" 296
69 Shuman Mark 6'6" 309
70 Gough Kory 6'5" 292
71 Painter Vinston 6'5" 298
72 Lanier Andrew 6'5" 275
74 Miller Andrew 6'3.5" 283
75 Nosal Greg 6'6" 293
76 Wang David 6'1.5" 300
77 Davis Dale 6'2" 293
79 Mason Blaine 5'11" 175
80 McCray Zack 6'4" 246
81 Boykin Jarrett 6'2" 215
82 Friday Steven 6'4" 250
85 Stanton Rob
86 Martin Frank 6'2" 268
87 Parker Prince 6'5" 262
88 Smith Andre 6'4.5" 272
89 Journell Cody 5'11" 180
90 Perez-Means Duan 6'3.5" 249
91 Graves John 6'3.5" 278
92 Acree Nick 6'5" 301
93 Battle Kwamaine 6'1" 294
94 Smiling E.L. 6'3" 197
95 Lewis Jerome 6'3" 247
96 Eadie Josh 6'4" 231
97 Hazley Chris 6'1" 196
98 Hopkins Derrick 6'0" 289
99 Gayle James 6'4" 248
100 George George 6'4" 266
101 Evans Zac
102 Bowden Grant 6'3" 182
103 Beiro Riley 5'9" 209
104 Byrn Willie 5'10" 176
105 Gresh Trey
106 Gentry Bo 5'8" 237
107 Tallman Bradley 6'0.5" 254
108 Weiss Tyler
109 Call Josh 5'8.5" 254
110 Jackson Carl 5'9" 157
111 Dinardo D.J. 6'0" 205
112 Goulding Conor 5'9" 170
113 Barber Ben
114 Halfhide Jonathan 5'10" 201
115 Dickerson Ethan
116 Phillips Joey 5'11" 216
117 Price Aaron
118 Brown Wiley 5'9" 194
119 Scales Martin 5'11" 211
120 Barfield Tyler
121 Carter Mark
122 St. Germain Joe 5'11" 215
123 Demler Scott 6'0" 184
124 Stump Lucas 5'11" 204
125 Fuller Corey 6'2" 191


 The 2010 Virginia Tech Hokies are present and accounted for. All 105 players reported to camp safely. 3 players, Barquell Rivers, Michael Via and Dyrell Roberts will not participate in drills tomorrow due to injuries.



August 2010

  • 8/5/10 - Virginia Tech Football Mandatory Report Date
  • 8/6/10 - Practice Session #1 (helmets)
  • 8/7/10 - Practice Session #2 (Media Day) (helmets)
  • 8/8/10 - Practice Session #3 (helmets and shoulder pads)
  • 8/9/10 - Practice Session #4 (helmets and shoulder pads)
  • 8/10/10 - Practice Session #5 (full pad tackling to ground)
  • 8/11/10 - Practice Session #6, Scrimmage I (CLOSED TO PUBLIC)
  • 8/12/10 - Practice Session #7
  • 8/13/10 - Practice Session #8
  • 8/14/10 - Practice Session #9, Scrimmage II (OPEN TO PUBLIC, no cameras or video recording devices of any kind allowed in Lane Stadium)
  • 8/15/10 - Off
  • 8/16/10 - Practice Session #10
  • 8/17/10 - Practice Session #11
  • 8/18/10 - Practice Session #12
  • 8/19/10 - Practice Session #13
  • 8/20/10 - Practice Session #14
  • 8/21/10 - Practice Session #15, Scrimmage III (OPEN TO PUBLIC, no cameras or video recording devices of any kind allowed in Lane Stadium)
  • 8/22/10 - Off
  • 8/23/10 - Practice Session #16, First Day of Virginia Tech classes for Fall Semester
  • 8/24/10 - Practice Session #17
  • 8/25/10 - Practice Session #18
  • 8/26/10 - Practice Session #19
  • 8/27/10 - Practice Session #20
  • 8/28/10 - Practice Session #21, Scrimmage IV (CLOSED TO PUBLIC)
  • 8/29/10 - Practice, Scripted Special Situations Scrimmage
  • 8/30/10 - Scripted Special Situations Scrimmage
  • 8/31/10 - Off

September 2010

  • (Wed) 9/1/10 - Normal Gameweek Monday
  • (Thur) 9/2/10 - Normal Gameweek Tuesday
  • (Fri) 9/3/10 - Normal Gameweek Wednesday
  • (Sat) 9/4/10 - Normal Gameweek Thursday
  • (Sun) 9/5/10 - Normal Gameweek Friday, Walk-thru at Lane Stadium, Travel to Washington, DC
  • (Mon) 9/6/10 - Virginia Tech vs. Boise State, Fed Ex Stadium, Washington, D.C., 8:00 pm, ESPN


Images from ACC Media Day in Greensboro, North Carolina. Click photos above for larger versions and enjoy!
Go Hokies!


Mr. and Mrs. James Boone with Darren Evans
The Boone family and Darren Evans
Coach Beamer Recognizes a Special Birthday of Long Time Hokies

Coach Frank Beamer wanted to recognize and wish a very Happy Birthday to Mr. and Mrs. James Boone today. Mr. James Boone, and Mrs. Martha Boone, of Blacksburg, are celebrating their 95th and 87th birthdays respectively today! Congratulations to both!

Mr. James Boone is a graduate of Virginia Tech, Class of 1937. He served as Treasurer of Virginia Tech for 35 years. Mr. Boone has also had season tickets for Virginia Tech football from the first day they were ever offered to the public. He attends Virginia Tech home games to this day, and eagerly looks forward to the start of this season! Mrs. Boone worked for 15 years at the Donaldson Brown Center on the campus of Virginia Tech, and loves to listen to listen to Bill Roth and Mike Burnop call Virginia Tech football games on the ISP Virginia Tech Sports Network.

Coach Beamer is extremely proud that running back Darren Evans requested to be able to stop by the party today as a "Hokie Football Birthday Surprise" for the Boones.

Click the photos below for larger versions, and once again, a very Happy Birthday to Mr. and Mrs. Boone! Congratulations!


 2010 Team United Bands Available at University Bookstore and Volume II Bookstore

The 2010 version of the "Team United" bands the players will be wearing this season, is available for purchase from the University Bookstore and Volume II Bookstore in Blacksburg.



You may have already heard, but I was offered and accepted a job at Boston College. I'm extremely excited about this opportunity not simply as a great move for me professionally, but more because of the opportunity to work at my alma mater. As you know, there is always a special place in your heart for the place where you went to school.

That being said, it is extremely hard to leave Virginia Tech. I didn't know it when I took the job, but it did not take me long to realize that Blacksburg is an extraordinary place. I had heard the term Hokie Nation before I became a Hokie, but I didn't really fully comprehend what it meant until I was able to be a part of it. Virginia Tech is a special place and once you're lucky enough to be a part of it you realize why Hokies feel the way they do about it.

I will be forever grateful to Coach Hughes for letting me have this opportunity to live in Blacksburg for four years and work at a place as special as Virginia Tech. I didn't grow up rooting for Virginia Tech, but I very quickly became a Hokie and as far as I'm concerned I will be one for the rest of my life.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for making these last four years in Blacksburg really special.


Mike Gambino
Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator



Coach Frank Beamer will hold 2 scrimmages this preseason which will be open and free to the public. The scheduled dates are: August 14th (4pm) & August 21st (2pm).



The premier Hokie Football Annual is unlike anything you've seen before. Think of it as a media guide with personality, packed with full-color photos and great information. When you see it for the first time, you will be blown away. No ads, just 112 pages of 100% Hokie football.

It's available for $19.95 at the University Bookstore and Volume II Bookstore in Blacksburg. At 8.5" X 11" and over three-quarters of pound in weight, it's hefty and durable. It needs to be, since it has features you'll devour prior to the season. It's also a guide you will want to reference all year--and a commemorative you'll want to keep for years to come.

While it features commentary by "The Voice of the Hokies," Bill Roth, this is no athletics department PR piece. "The Annual" is not officially affiliated with Virginia Tech, although it has strong ties inside the department. It's an independent publication by Tech fans, for Tech fans.

Inside you'll also find:
  • One-on-one interviews with Frank Beamer and Bryan Stinespring.
  • A roundtable game-by-game preview of the coming season with's Will Stewart and The Virginian-Pilot's Kyle Tucker.
  • Predictions from national and state newspaper writers.
  • A seven-page analysis of Virginia Tech recruiting featuring Roanoke Times guru Doug Doughty.
  • In-depth inside info on every Hokie player, position by position, including the incoming freshmen.
  • A never-before-seen guide to the Virginia Tech beat writers.
  • A colorful commemorative retrospective on the 2009 season.
  • Tech tailgating traditions.
  • And much more! You'll love every page!

Why pay $7-8-9 for all those preseason magazines that give you a few pages about Virginia Tech when you can get 112 pages of INSIDE INFO for $19.95? When you see it you'll go wild! The Annual also makes a great gift.


If you're like me, you can't get enough about Virginia Tech football. And as an avid Hokie sports consumer, I wanted to create something I'd like to read myself. "The Annual" hopes to provide you with a style and content you weren't getting before. It aims to entertain you, inform you and sometimes even make you laugh. It isn't meant to replace the great websites that cover Tech, your local newspaper coverage or even the Virginia Tech Media Guide. It's meant to complement all those things. Ideally it will feed your football appetite and create synergy among the Hokie football community-fans, media, coaches and players.

I conceived the Annual to feed your hunger and excitement for Tech football heading into the season. But I also wanted a product that you could use all year for quick reference--something you keep in front of the TV or stow in the car to pull out at tailgates. And the "Season In Review" section provides a colorful souvenir scrapbook of memories--and historical record--from the previous year. At season's end, I hope you keep theAnnual on your bookshelf to commemorate each Tech football season. Then, in 2020 you can pull it out and say, "That's what Virginia Tech football was all about in 2010."

I hope my years of experience in the Tech athletics department and most recently covering the national sports stage makes me qualified to produce a first-class product you'll enjoy for years to come. If you like it, please spread the word.


Chris ColstonAn 11-year veteran of the Virginia Tech athletics department as editor ofThe Hokie Huddler, Chris Colston has written four books on Tech football. His most recent work is the Virginia Tech Vault: A History of Virginia Tech Football (2009). He also wrote The Hokies Handbook (1996); Frank Beamer's autobiography Turn Up the Wick (2000); and two editions of Tales from the Virginia Tech Sideline (hardcover 2003 and updated paperback 2007).

Colston covered the NFL and NBA for USA TODAY from 2006-09, where he won several writing awards and did one-on-one interviews with some the biggest names in sports (LeBron James, Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, David Stern, Rudy Giuliani). In 2007 he won first place in the Pro Football Writers of America national writing contest (features). From 1996-2005 he served as a writer and editor for USA TODAY Sports Weekly, where his work was mentioned in the Best American Sports Writing series.

Colston lives in Oak Hill, Va., with his wife and two children.



The 2010 O'Brien Watch List features 13 seniors, 13 juniors and four sophomores. The ACC and Big 12 lead all conferences with five candidates each on the list. The Pac-10 is represented by four players. The 34th Annual O'Brien Awards Dinner will be held Feb. 21, 2011 at The Fort Worth Club in Fort Worth, Texas.

Matt Barkley USC SO Pac-10

Zach Collaros Cincinnati JR Big East

Andy Dalton TCU SR MWC

Dwight Dasher Middle Tennessee SR Sun Belt

Ricky Dobbs Navy SR Independent

Nathan Enderle Idaho SR WAC

Nick Foles Arizona JR Pac-10

Blaine Gabbert Missouri JR Big 12

Robert Griffin Baylor JR Big 12

Jacory Harris Miami JR ACC

Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M JR Big 12

Landry Jones Oklahoma SO Big 12

Colin Kaepernick Nevada SR WAC

Case Keenum Houston SR C-USA

G.J. Kinne Tulsa JR C-USA

Jake Locker Washington SR Pac-10

Andrew Luck Stanford SO Pac-10

Ryan Mallett Arkansas JR SEC

Greg McElroy Alabama JR SEC

Kellen Moore Boise State JR WAC

Josh Nesbitt Georgia Tech SR ACC

Kyle Padron SMU SO C-USA

Christian Ponder Florida State SR ACC

Taylor Potts Texas Tech SR Big 12

Terrelle Pryor Ohio State JR Big Ten

Tom Savage Rutgers JR Big East

Ricky Stanzi Iowa SR Big Ten

Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech SR ACC

Scott Tolzien Wisconsin SR Big Ten

Russell Wilson NC State JR ACC



The Atlantic Coast Conference announced the names of the 24 football student-athletes who have been chosen by its 12 league schools to attend the 2010 Atlantic Coast Conference Football Kickoff, July 25-26 at the Grandover Resort located in Greensboro.

The football student-athletes who will be attending the 2010 ACC Football Kickoff are:

Boston College: Anthony Castonzo, Offensive Tackle, Senior, Hawthorn Woods, Ill. Mark Herzlich, Linebacker, Senior, Wayne, Pa.

Clemson: Chris Hairston, Offensive Tackle, Senior, Winston-Salem, N.C. DeAndre McDaniel, Safety, Senior, Tallahassee, Fla.

Duke: Bryan Morgan, Center, Senior, Hoover, Ala. Chris Rwabukamba, Cornerback, Senior, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Florida State: Christian Ponder, Quarterback, Senior, Colleyville, Tex. Everett Dawkins, Defensive Tackle, Sophomore, Spartanburg, S.C.

Georgia Tech: Roddy Jones, A-Back, Junior, Stone Mountain, Ga. Jason Peters, Defensive End, Junior, Baton Rouge, La.

Maryland: Torrey Smith, Wide Receiver-Kickoff Returner, Junior, Colonial Beach, Va. Alex Wujciak, Linebacker, Senior, West Caldwell, N.J.

Miami: Matt Bosher, Placekicker/Punter, Senior, Jupiter, Fla. Allen Bailey, Defensive Tackle/End, Senior, Sapelo, Ga.

North Carolina: T. J. Yates, Quarterback, Senior, Marietta, Ga. Robert Quinn, Defensive End, Junior, Ladson, S.C.

N C State: Owen Spencer, Wide Receiver, Senior, Leland, N.C. Nate Irving, Linebacker, Senior, Wallace, N.C.

Virginia: Marc Verica, Quarterback, Senior, Lansdowne, Pa. Ras-I Dowling, Cornerback, Senior, Chesapeake, Va.

Virginia Tech: Tyrod Taylor, Quarterback, Senior, Hampton, Va. John Graves, Defensive Tackle, Senior, Richmond, Va.

Wake Forest: Josh Adams, Running Back, Senior, Cary, N.C. Russell Nenon, Center, Senior, Memphis, Tenn.


 Football Enrollees for Summer Session II

Ben Barber, Kwamaine Battle, Nick Becton, Xavier Boyce, Jarrett Boykin, Jaymes Brooks, Rashad Carmichael, Collin Carroll, Telvion Clark, JuJu Clayton, Danny Coale, D.J. Coles, Lanford Collins, Marcus Davis, Blake DeChristopher, , Randall Dunn, Tariq Edwards, Darren Evans, Antone Exum, Steven Friday, James Gayle, Laurence Gibson, Kory Gough, Jeron Gouveia-Winslow, John Graves, Tony Gregory, Isaiah Hamlette, Cris Hill, Antoine Hopkins, James Hopper, Jayron Hosley, Joe Jones, Cody Journell, Andrew Lanier, Kenny Lewis, Eric Martin, Andrew Miller, Davon Morgan, Justin Myer, Theron Norman, Greg Nosal, Quillie Odom, Josh Oglesby, Vinston Painter, Duan Perez-Means, Courtney Prince, Barquell Rivers, Dyrell Roberts, Andre Smith, Jacob Sykes, Bruce Taylor, Tyrod Taylor, Logan Thomas, Dwight Tucker, Alonzo Tweedy, Michael Via, David Wang, Beau Warren, Eddie Whitley, Chase Williams, Jerrodd Williams, Lorenzo Williams, Ryan Williams, David Wilson, Tyrel Wilson, Ricardo Young, Nick Acree, Matt Arkema, Detrick Bonner, Nick Dew, Kyle Fuller, Derrick Hopkins, Brian Laiti, Mark Leal, Jerome Lewis, Zack McCray, Dominique Patterson, Mark Shuman, E.L.Smiling



Nubian Peak, 5'11" 183-pounds, Flanker, Pulaski County High School, who would have been a redshirt freshman for the Hokies this fall, has requested a release from Virginia Tech. That release has been granted.

Virginia Tech football thanks Nubian for his contributions to the program and wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.



Jake Johnson has informed that he will transfer to the University of South Alabama with the intentions of playing linebacker for the Jaguars. USA is located in Mobile, Alabama and the football team is coached by Joey Jones.

South Alabama is entering its’ second season of college football. The Jaguars began playing football in 2009 and will join the Sun Belt Conference in 2013.

Johnson was moved from linebacker to defensive end during the spring practices. Following the spring workouts, he informed Coach Beamer of his intentions to transfer. We very much enjoyed working with Jake Johnson and wish him the very best at South Alabama!



The First Lady of Virginia Tech football has returned to her home in Blacksburg. Cheryl Beamer was released from an Athens, Georgia hospital on Wednesday and then transported to Blacksburg without incident.

Mrs. Beamer suffered multiple fractures from a fall at her lake house in Georgia. She sustained several broken ribs, damage to her shoulder and clavicle and also had to have surgery performed on both legs.

Coach Beamer would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes!


 Summer I Enrollees

The following Virginia Tech scholarship football players are enrolled for Summer Session I, starting today. Not all players listed are in Blacksburg. Several are participating in academic Field Studies, and may be doing so at home for Summer Session I:

Ben Barber, Kwamaine Battle, Nick Becton, Xavier Boyce, Jarrett Boykin, Jaymes Brooks, Rashad Carmichael, Telvion Clark, Ju Ju Clayton, Danny Coale, D.J. Coles, J.R. Collins, Marcus Davis, Blake DeChristopher, Randall Dunn, Darren Evans, Antone Exum, Steven Friday, James Gayle, Laurence Gibson, Kory Gough, Jeron Gouveia-Winslow, John Graves, Tony Gregory, Isaiah Hamlette, Cris Hill, Antoine Hopkins, Jayron Hosley, Joe Jones, Cody Journell, Andrew Lanier, Kenny Lewis, Eric Martin, Andrew Miller, Davon Morgan, Theron Norman, Greg Nosal, Quillie Odom, Josh Oglesby, Vinston Painter, Nubian Peak, Duan Perez-Means, Courtney Prince, Barquell Rivers, Dyrell Roberts, Andre Smith, Jacob Sykes, Bruce Taylor, Tyrod Taylor, Logan Thomas, Dwight Tucker, Alonzo Tweedy, Jack Tyler, Michael Via, David Wang, Beau Warren, Eddie Whitley, Chase Williams, Jerrodd Williams, Lorenzo Williams, Tyrel Wilson


 New Hokie Graduates

Coach Beamer is proud to announce the following graduates from the football program:

Former Players: Noland Burchette

Current Players: Rashad Carmichael, Chris Drager, Steven Friday, Richard Graham, Chris Hazley, Zach Luckett, Brian Saunders, Jeff Beyer, Sam Wheeler, Jason Worilds, Kam Chancellor

The following current seniors on the team had already graduated: John Graves, Kenny Lewis, Beau Warren

That makes 9 out of 16 seniors on the upcoming 2010 team have already graduated.



Look who’s landed on Virginia Tech’s injury report: Frank Beamer! Beamer took a fall while getting off of a small plane last week during the Orange & Maroon Tour. Tech’s medical staff fears he may have ruptured his right biceps. His arm is swollen and heavily discolored.

“I came down hard on my right side and I kinda felt something rip in there,” says Beamer. “When I saw all the purple and black in my arm, I figured I probably had a tear somewhere. It’s just one of those things, I was rushing off the plane and I had my travel bag over my shoulder and my bag snagged on something and it literally pulled me over and dumped me on the pavement.”

Beamer says he’ll have an MRI either Friday or Monday. “If they tell me that it’s going to require surgery, then we’ll most likely do that later in the summer after I get to spend some quality time with my children and grandchildren.”


 NFL Draft and Free Agency

  • Jason Worilds was drafted in the 2nd Round (20th Pick), and the 52nd overall pick in the NFL draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers!
  • Kam Chancellor was drafted in the 5th Round (2nd Pick), and the 133rd overall pick in the NFL draft by the Seattle Seahawks!
  • Ed Wang was drafted in the 5th Round (9th Pick) 140th overall pick in the NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills!
  • Brent Bowden was drafted in the 6th Round (3rd Pick) and the 172nd overall pick in the NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!
  • Cody Grimm was drafted in the 7th Round (4th Pick) and the 211th overall pick in the NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!
  • Cordarrow Thompson signed a free agent deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers!
  • Stephan Virgil has signed a free agent deal with the Buffalo Bills!
  • Sergio Render has signed a free agent deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!
  • Nekos Brown has signed a free agent deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!
  • Greg Boone has signed a free agent deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!
  • Demetrius Taylor has signed a free agent deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers!


 Spring Game Photos

Click here for 79 photos from the Spring Game yesterday. Enjoy!

Click here for photos of the HOKIES in the NFL and their return to VT for the Spring Game. Enjoy!


 2010 Spring Practice Awards

Click here for the complete rundown of all 2010 Spring Practice Awards including photos from the field on Spring Game day!. Enjoy!


 Spring Game Details and Team Rosters with Numbers

Click here for all details on the Spring Game including Maroon and White Team Rosters. Enjoy!



Maroon vs. White (Four 10-minute quarters)

Kickoffs, field goals and punts will all be played “Live.”

T.V. timeout after each punt (1 minute)

40-second play clock

No trick plays

No more than 5 pass rushers

Tyrod Taylor (no contact), all other quarterbacks are “Live.”


 Today's Practice (4/15/10) Will Be Late Starting Due to Player Class Schedules

Virginia Tech football's practice session on Thursday, 4/15, will be late this evening starting and finishing due to class schedule conflicts for a large portion of the team. The team is not slated to be finished until around 10 pm. Our update will be posted on Friday morning. Thanks!


 No Practice on Friday 4/16/10

Virginia Tech Football will not practice on Friday, 4/16/10. The team will instead practice today. Today's session is closed to the public.


 No Video Taping Allowed at Open Scrimmage on Saturday, 4/17/10

Virginia Tech football will hold an open scrimmage on Saturday, 4/17/10, at 11 a.m. inside Lane Stadium. Coach Beamer requests no video taping of any kind of the scrimmage. Thank you for your compliance.


 Metallica and their Management Company Have a Gift for Coach Beamer

Metallica Managment Company Executive Presents Coach Beamer and VT Football with Signed Football from the Band!
Bruce Gearhart, and his son, Mac, present Coach Beamer and VT Football with a signed football from the band members in Metallica (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo). Above is a look at the football, at lead singer/guitarist James Hetfield signing the football on the Metallica band jet, and Coach Beamer with Mr. Gearhart and his son Mac.
VT Hokies... Off to Never Never Land!



Congrats to Shane and Emily Beamer on the arrival of their second daughter, Olivia Leighton Beamer. Olivia was born at 3:15pm this afternoon in Columbia, South Carolina. Her measurables: 7 pounds 13 ounces, 20 inches.



Michael Via - scheduled for ACL surgery on Thursday. Should recover in time for August practices.

Vinston Painter - suffered a dislocated knee cap in Saturday’s scrimmage. Will be held out of the remainder of the spring practices. The medical staff anticipates no further damage, however, when the swelling subsides, Painter will undergo further evaluation.


 No Video Taping Allowed at Open Scrimmage on Saturday, 4/10/10

Virginia Tech football will hold an open scrimmage on Saturday, 4/10/10, at 11 a.m. inside Lane Stadium. Coach Beamer requests no video taping of any kind of the scrimmage. Thank you for your compliance.



Here's the final tally of the 100% Effort Awards for the entire 2 Weeks of 6 am Conditioning Workouts
A Very Special Salute from Coach Beamer and the Entire Coaching Staff for:

John Graves (6 out of 6), and Ryan Williams (6 out of 6)
John and Ryan set the pace for the team. Congratulations to you both on your perfect score!

5 out of 6 sessions
Jake Johnson, Chris Drager Jarrett Boykin, Danny Coale, Marcus Davis, Jeron Gouveia -Winslow, Eddie Whitley, Brian Saunders, Mark Carter

4 out of 6 sessions
Tyrod Taylor, Alonzo Tweedy, Michael Via, David Wang, Logan Thomas, Josh Oglesby, Ricardo Young, Jon Conlon, Justin Myer

3 out of 6 sessions
Steven Friday, Duan Perez-Means, Vinston Painter, Rock Carmichael, Cris Hill, James Hopper, Theron Norman, Ken Younger, Jacob Sykes, Lorenzo Williams, Adam Dyer

2 out of 6 sessions
Andrew Hutchings, Zac Evans, Laurence Gibson, Tyler Weiss, David Wilson, Beau Gentry, Prince Parker, Rob Stanton, Chase Williams, Josh Eadie, Tariq Edwards, James Gayle, Patrick Terry, Germond Oatneal, Joey Phillips, Austin Fuller, Nick Sheehan

1 out of 6 sessions
Dyrell Roberts, D.J. Coles, Andre Smith, Jack Tyler, Tony Gregory, Lyndell Gibson, Xavier Boyce, Ju Ju Clayton, Davon Morgan, Ethan Dickerson

Congratulations gentlemen!


 Joe DeCamillis, Special Teams Coach of the Dallas Cowboys wrapped up his second day of meetings with Coach Frank Beamer and his staff today. In addition, two members of the New England Patriots coaching staff were in Blacksburg today giving punter Brent Bowden and safety Kam Chancellor individual workouts.


 Spring Practice Schedule

  • Wed. 3/31/10 - Session 1 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Fri. 4/2/10 - Session 2 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Sat. 4/3/10 - Session 3 - 11 am, Closed to the Public
  • Mon 4/5/10 - Session 4 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Wed. 4/7/10 - Session 5 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Fri. 4/9/10 - Session 6 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Sat. 4/10/10 - Session 7 - 11 am, Scrimmage Open to Public, Lane Stadium
  • Mon. 4/12/10 - Session 8 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Wed. 4/14/10 - Session 9 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Thur. 4/15/10 - Session 10 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Virginia Tech Football will not practice on Friday 4/16/10
  • Sat. 4/17/10 - Session 11 - 11 am, Scrimmage Open to Public, Lane Stadium
  • Mon. 4/19/10 - Session 12 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Wed. 4/21/10 - Session 13 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Fri. 4/23/10 - Session 14 - 4:30 pm, Closed to the Public
  • Sat. 4/24/10 - Session 15, Spring Game, 2 pm, Lane Stadium, Free Admission

For the two open scrimmages and Spring Game, no video recording of any kind will be allowed inside Lane Stadium. Thank you for your compliance.



The following players earned 100% effort recognition award from the coaching staff, and will wear the special T-shirt during the Friday morning session:

These players earned the award for the fourth straight session, and are now eligible to go a perfect 6-for-6 over the course of the next two weeks and be honored with an award:

John Graves (5 out of 5), and
Ryan Williams (5 out of 5)

(4 out of 5)
Tyrod Taylor, Jake Johnson, Chris Drager, Jarrett Boykin, Danny Coale, Marcus Davis, Jeron Gouveia -Winslow, Alonzo Tweedy, Eddie Whitley, Brian Saunders, Mark Carter

(3 out of 5)
Steven Friday, Michael Via, David Wang, Logan Thomas, Josh Oglesby, Duan Perez-Means, Ricardo Young, Jon Conlon, Justin Myer

(2 out of 5)

Andrew Hutchings, Zac Evans, Lorenzo Williams, Vinston Painter, Laurence Gibson, Rock Carmichael, Cris Hill, Theron Norman, Jacob Sykes, Tyler Weiss, James Hopper, Adam Dyer, David Wilson, Ken Younger

(1 out of 5)
Dyrell Roberts, Patrick Terry, D.J. Coles, Andre Smith, Jack Tyler, Chase Williams, Beau Gentry, Prince Parker, Rob Stanton, Josh Eadie, Tariq Edwards, James Gayle, Tony Gregory, Joey Phillips, Austin Fuller, Germond Oatneal, Nick Sheehan

Congratulations gentlemen!



The following game-worn Nike Pro-Combat white VT uniform, left over from this winter's auction is now available for auction. It is the final Nike white pro-combat uniform left in the VT football department. The package includes #68 jersey, helmet, pants, and Nike cleats. We are accepting bids for this package for the next two weeks, and the minimum opening bid is $500. The uniform was worn in the wins over Maryland and Virginia in 2009.

All proceeds from this auction go into the Herma's Readers program.

Please email your bids to This is a blind auction, you will not know the amounts of the other bidders, so bid what the package is worth to you in you initial bid.

The auction will conclude on Friday, April 2nd, and the winner will be notified. Please Click These Links for Photos to Examine the Uniform Package:

Small Uniform Photo
Larger Uniform Photo
Largest Uniform Photo


 VT Football 6 a.m. Conditioning Continued Friday 3/19/10

Here’s First week tally of players earning 100% effort recognition t-shirt as judged by the coaching staff. 3 more session to go on Monday the 22nd, Wednesday the 24th, and Friday the 26th

3 out of 3 Tally
John Graves , Ryan Williams, and Tyrod Taylor

2 out of 3 Tally
Jake Johnson, Steven Friday, Chris Drager, Jarrett Boykin, Danny Coale, Marcus Davis, Jeron Gouveia -Winslow, Alonzo Tweedy, Eddie Whitley, Brian Saunders, Mark Carter

1 out of 3 Tally
Vinston Painter, Michael Via, David Wang, Andrew Hutchings, Duan Perez-Means, Zac Evans, Josh Oglesby, Dyrell Roberts, Patrick Terry, Logan Thomas, Ricardo Young, Lorenzo Williams, Rock Carmichael, Cris Hill, Theron Norman, Jacob Sykes, Jon Conlon, David Wilson, Ken Younger, D.J. Coles, Justin Myer

Congratulations gentlemen!


 2010 Team Banquet and Ring Presentation

2010 Team Banquet and Ring Presentation

The Virginia Tech Football Team Banquet was held yesterday, with the presentation of Chick-Fil-A Championship Bowl Rings and the Team Awards

The 2009 football awards. The following awards were voted on by the team:

Permanent Team Captains
  • Cody Grimm
  • Nekos Brown
  • Ed Wang
  • Kam Chancellor

Outstanding Defensive Lineman - Jason Worilds

Outstanding Defensive Linebacker - Cody Grimm

Outstanding Defensive Back - Rashad Carmichael

Outstanding Offensive Lineman - Ed Wang

Outstanding Offensive Receiver - Jarrett Boykin

Outstanding Offensive Back - Ryan Williams

Outstanding Specialist - Matt Waldron

Most Valuable Player - Ryan Williams

The following awards were voted on by the coaching staff:

John William Schneider Award
This is given in memory of former player William Schneider, who was killed in an automobile crash. It goes to a player who excels in athletics, scholarship and leadership

Cam Martin

Paul Torgersen Award
Given in honor of former Tech President Paul Torgersen who has served the university with distinction for three decades in a variety of capacities. The award goes to a player who shows a commitment to hard work and great effort every time he takes the field.

Cordarrow Thompson

Williams - Moss Award
Named in honor of John E. Williams, a former Dean of the College, and Joseph S. Moss, a former player and coach at Tech. The award goes to the player who demonstrates the highest quality of leadership and character.

Nekos Brown

Paul Frederick Cobb Award
This award is given in memory of former Tech player Freddie Cobb, who was awarded the Navy Cross for heroism in Vietnam. It goes to the most spirited player.

Greg Boone

Lawrence R. White Award

This award is given in honor of the late Lawrence White, a former Tech linebacker who excelled in the weight room and was a positive role model for all Tech football players. It is given to the team's most outstanding strength and conditioning athlete.

Demetrius Taylor

Wes Worsham Award
Named for long-time Tech supporter Wes Worsham, this award is given to a player who exceeds expectations and surprises everyone with his performance.

Matt Reidy

Edward G. Ferrell Award

This award is given in honor of the late Eddie Ferrell, whose hard work, sense of humor, devotion and unselfishness touched thousands of athletes during his 28-year career as a trainer at Tech. It is given to the player who best exemplifies hard work and unselfishness.

Richard Graham

Outstanding Senior Award

Cody Grimm


 WSLs-10 Roanoke Shares Pro Day Video

WSLS-10 in Roanoke shares a nice video on Pro-Day at Virginia Tech today with our readers! Click Here for the WSLS-10 Video. Enjoy!


 Rob Stanton reads to children at Cedar Bluff Elementary School

Virginia Tech tight end Rob Stanton reads to the children at Cedar Bluff Elementary School in Cedar Bluff, Virginia as part of the Herma's Readers program



25 NFL teams are represented today for the pro workout at Virginia Tech.



The following players earned 100% effort recognition award from the coaching staff, and will wear the special T-shirt during the Friday morning session:

John Graves, Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Williams, Jake Johnson, Chris Drager, Steven Friday, David Wilson, Ken Younger, Jarrett Boykin, Danny Coale, D.J. Coles, Marcus Davis, Jeron Gouveia-Winslow, Alonzo Tweedy, Mark Carter, Eddie Whitley, Justin Myer, Brian Saunders

These players are also now eligible to go a perfect 6-for-6 over the course of the next two weeks and be honored with an award:

John Graves, Ryan Williams, and Tyrod Taylor

Congratulations gentlemen!


 VT PRO DAY (Thursday, March 18th)

Seniors expected to participate:

Greg Boone, Brent Bowden, Nekos Brown, Kam Chancellor, Brandon Dillard, Richard Graham, Cody Grimm, Kenny Jefferson, Cam Martin, Dorian Porch, Matt Reidy, Sergio Render, Demetrius Taylor, Cordarrow Thompson, Stephan Virgil, Matt Waldron, Ed Wang, Sam Wheeler.

Former VT players and others:

Jason Murphy, Derrius Monroe, Robbie Powell (Purdue - Cave Spring High School), Carlton Weatherford & Ike Whitaker.



The following players earned 100% effort recognition award from the coaching staff, and will wear the special T-shirt during the Wednesday morning session. These players are also now eligible to go a perfect 6-for-6 over the course of the next two weeks and be honored with an award:

John Graves, Ryan Williams, and Tyrod Taylor

Congratulations gentlemen!


 Lyndell Gibson reads to children at Virginia Beach Salem Elementary School

Virginia Tech linebacker Lyndell Gibson reads to the children at Salem Elementary School in Virginia Beach as part of the Herma's Readers program


 Winter Off-Season Testing Results

10 Yard Dash
  • Nubian Peak 1.55
  • Rock Carmichael 1.6
  • Dyrell Roberts 1.62
  • Jayron Hosely 1.63
  • Brandon Keith 1.63
  • Danny Coale 1.64
  • Mark Carter 1.64
  • David Wilson 1.64

40 Yard Dash

  • David Wilson 4.29
  • Rock Carmichael 4.29
  • Tony Gregory 4.3
  • Patrick Terry 4.35
  • Dyrell Roberts 4.35
  • Cris Hill 4.38
  • Nubian Peak 4.39
  • Danny Coale 4.39

NFL Shuttle

  • Jacob Sykes 3.91
  • David Wilson 3.93
  • Rock Carmichael 3.93
  • Alonzo Tweedy 3.96
  • Tony Gregory 3.98
  • Patrick Terry 3.99



Virginia Tech defensive coordinator, Bud Foster, has met with Jake Johnson to discuss Johnson’s potential move from linebacker to defensive end for the upcoming spring practices. “I told Coach Foster that I’ll do whatever’s best for the team,” says Johnson.



Barquell Rivers was in the Tech training room this morning following last night's surgery to repair a torn quadriceps. Head Trainer Mike Goforth said that Rivers injury was more severe than first thought and that the linebacker will require at least 5-6 months of rehabilitation.


 Congratulations to this years Award Winners

Super Iron Hokies (10)
Josh Call, Josh Oglesby, Joey Phillips, Kenny Younger, Marcus Davis, Tyrod Taylor, Jake Johnson, Barquell Rivers, Mark Carter, Davon Morgan

Iron Hokies (21)
Darren Evans, Zac Evans, Kenny Lewis, Ryan Williams, David Wilson, Vinston Painter, Ben Barber, Jarrett Boykin, Danny Coale, DJ Coles, Nubian Peak, Patrick Terry, Logan Thomas, Andrew Hutchings, Jeff Wardach, Telvion Clark, Wiley Brown, Antone Exum, Chris Hill, James Hopper, Jacob Sykes

Hokies (17)
Jaymes Brooks, Blake Dechristopher, David Wang, Xavier Boyce, Joseph Clayton, Kwamaine Battle, John Graves, Dwight Tucker, Chris Drager, Steven Friday, James Gayle, Alonzo Tweedy, Jerome Williams, Lorenzo Williams, Rock Carmichael, Eddie Whitley, Justin Myer

Orange (16)
Matt Baldwin, Tyler Barfield, Greg Nosal, George George, Adam Dyer, Austin Fuller, Brandon Keith, Dyrell Roberts, Will Cole, Antoine Hopkins, Lyndell Gibson, Bruce Taylor, Germond Oatneal, Nick Sheehan, Jerrodd Williams, John Conlon

Maroon (2)
Lawrence Gibson
Jayron Hosely

Click Here for Award Requirement Levels and Totals


 WHITAKER TO ATTEND VT PRO-DAY We understand that you’re participating in Tech’s “Pro Day” on March 18th. We also understand that it’s important for you to let your former teammates know that you’re clean and sober?

Ike Whitaker: Okay. I’ve been sober now for five months. I hit rock bottom in the fall. I was still in Blacksburg, but I had nothing going on in my life. I wasn’t part of the football team, I wasn’t in class, I didn’t have a job...I was nothing. My life was bad. My life was corrupt. I was drinking every day. I had no money. So, I’m very ashamed to admit this, but it’s part of my recovery to be completely honest with myself and everyone, so, I would steal food where I could find it to have something to eat. There were stretches that I really don’t remember. My alcoholism had completely taken over. I had to drink to function. That’s how bad it was. Much of it is a blur.

I remember that I was ready to end my life. I was a burden to myself and everyone around me. I just felt dark inside. I knew I had to stop drinking, but I couldn’t. So, I decided to just end it. That’s how tough this addiction is. That’s how depressed and sick the alcohol can make you.

I wanted to go and see Coach (John) Ballein one last time because he had been good to me through my toughest times. He never beat around the bush, he was honest with me and hard on me, but I knew he was hard on me because he cared about me and wanted to see me get my life straight. I remember that I had a bag of alcohol, I had been drinking all night and all morning, and that I was in his office. I don’t know exactly what I said to him, but I’m sure it was something to let him know that I was saying goodbye and that I appreciated everything that he ever did for me and that I’m very sorry that I let him and Coach Beamer down.

Well, I never made it out of his office. He told me that I wasn’t going anywhere and that I certainly wasn’t going to hurt myself. He took the bag of alcohol out of my hands and told me that I was coming with him and that we were going to get some help. I thank God for Coach Ballein. He’s truly an angel on earth. Coach Beamer and Coach Ballein gave me chances and I blew every one of them. That’s totally my fault. I’m ashamed that I treated those two good men the way I did. I’m ashamed that I lied to them. I’ll always regret that and I’ve told them that I’m very sorry.

I entered rehab in early October in Galax, Virginia. From there, I went to Wilmington, North Carolina to a half-way house. I was around great people and it was very positive. From the half-way house, I returned to Maryland. I’ve since returned to training and I’ve totally dedicated myself to it. I just measured in at 6'5" 230-pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life. Coach Beamer is allowing me to participate in the Pro Day, and I’ll be working out as a quarterback.

I’ve never been this sober for this long. I’m in a positive place in my life right now and I want to stay there. What do you hope to accomplish at the Pro Day?

Ike Whitaker: I want people to see me clean and sober. That’s important to me. The alcohol strips you of who and what you are and it just takes over. I want the coaches and my teammates to see the real Ike Whitaker. What they remember is a guy who would come to meetings and practices intoxicated. If he came at all. What they remember was a guy who didn’t have control of his life. What they remember is a guy who never came close to realizing his potential as an athlete because he was always under the influence.

And, at the same time, if there’s one scout who sees something he likes, that’s just icing on the cake. I’m confident that I have the tools. If I can impress a scout, any scout, I’m talking indoor football, the Canadian league, the UFL...if it can open some doors for me, continue to help get my life back on track, then it will be well worth it. And, if nothing comes of it, if I don’t get any calls from the football people, then I’ll still get to show the people at Virginia Tech who have helped me and cared about me that I’m in the process of healing. That’s very important to me. Those people at Virginia Tech have never seen me this strong, they’ve never seen me run this fast, they’ve never seen me throw the football like this, they’ve never seen my head this clear and I want them to know that I’m more than just an alcoholic. I want them to know that I’m not a lost cause. I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. Where are you in terms of earning your degree?

Ike Whitaker: I’m 12-credits short. My major is Residential Property Management. I want to get my degree. When I lost my scholarship, I didn’t have the funds to continue my classes. That’s another one of my goals. What is your mind set in terms of this ongoing battle with alcoholism?

Ike Whitaker: Every day is a battle. It’s a battle. As soon as my eyes open in the morning, I drop to my knees and I ask God to give me the strength and courage to get through another day. I just can’t go back to where I was. I can't. I was at a point where I was no longer drinking for the high, I was drinking to just function. I needed alcohol to be able to speak. I needed it to be able to walk to the store. That’s how bad it was. My body couldn’t function without it.

Also, I want people to know that I’m not a bad person. I don’t have an evil heart. I have a good heart. I don’t mistreat people. I’m a loving, caring person. I’ve just been very sick. I’ve been in a battle and I’ve been losing. But now, I’m starting to win that battle.


 Winter Off-Season Testing Results Coming In and Looking Good!

Push Jerk

  • Barquell Rivers - 380 (position record)
  • Vinston Painter - 361
  • Beau Warren - 356
  • Greg Nosal - 351
  • Jaymes Brooks - 351

Bench Press

  • Vinston Painter - 445
  • Andrew Hutchings - 440
  • John Graves - 425
  • Blake DeChristopher - 420
  • Jake Johnson - 410
  • Steven Friday - 410

Power Cleans

  • Jake Johnson - 360
  • Kwamaine Battle - 360
  • Jarrett Boykin - 351 (position record)
  • Greg Nosal - 351
  • Andrew Hutchings - 346
  • David Wilson - 331 (position record)
  • Logan Thomas - 315 (position record)



Virginia Tech linebacker, Barquell Rivers, suffered a torn quadriceps tendon during today’s max-testing. Head Trainer Mike Goforth says the injury will require surgery. Rivers could be operated on as early as tomorrow (Thursday March 4th). Goforth expects this injury to keep Rivers sidelined for 3-4 months. Ironically, Mike Gentry suffered this exact same injury this past fall.

Sports Injuries: The quadriceps muscle is composed of four different muscles: the vastus intermedius, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and rectus femoris. These muscles converge just above the patella (kneecap) and form an extremely strong tendon, known as the quadriceps tendon. This attaches into the upper surface of the patella. The quadriceps muscle group function in extending (straightening) the knee joint. They are also vital for the over all stability of the legs during movement, working in conjunction with the hamstrings to keep the body balanced.



The Virginia Tech coaching staff feels “great” about the “Prospect Day” that was held over the weekend. Many of Tech’s top recruiting targets spent the day in Blacksburg. “I was very pleased,” says Jim Cavanaugh, recruiting coordinator. “We have a limited number of scholarships to give, and we don’t have any room for error. We have to make sure that we make an accurate evaluation in the recruiting process. We really wanted to get our coaches, players and other members of our program around these prospects. We also wanted the prospect, as well as his family, to hear exactly what’s expected academically here as well. We have to make sure it’s a good fit, both ways. Again, with our limited scholarships, we can’t make mistakes.”

The NCAA does not allow to comment on, or name, specific prospects. However, Frank Beamer had this to say: “Wow, what a good looking group! I think we really helped ourselves. They had a chance to see our campus, see our community, and really learn about our football program from top to bottom. I want every player who comes here to have a successful college experience. That’s why they spent quality time with our coaches, heard from our academic coordinator, our academic support services, student life, housing, our nutritionist, our psychologist, our team chaplain, our compliance office, internal affairs, training, equipment, video....just all the other people who will be a part of their life if they choose to play football at Virginia Tech. I say it all the time because I truly believe it, if we can just get these prospects on campus, if they can just see our university, our facilities, our setting, if we can just get them around all these good people, Virginia Tech sells itself.”

The prospects heard from many speakers over the course of the day, but the two who stood out (at least in our opinion), were Athletic Director, Jim Weaver, and “Voice of the Hokies” Bill Roth.

Bill Roth - “The thing that I want you to really grasp and understand is that you have a chance to be a part of Virginia Tech’s Golden Era. When you take your other recruiting visits, you’ll go to schools and you’ll see statues and other tributes marking their football history. Their better days. Their glory era. Well, what I want you to know is that Virginia Tech’s glory era is now. The guys that they’ll be building statues of around here, are right here in this room wanting you to come and play football for them. If you come to Tech, when people talk about the Golden Era of Virginia Tech football, they’ll be talking about you, because you’ll be right in the middle of it. And the best part is that is just keeps getting better. Frank Beamer is showing no signs of slowing down. I hope you understand what an honor and a privilege it is to play for college football’s second all time winningest coach (active). That’s just phenomenal! So, when you take your other trips and you see those statues and you think, ‘wow, it must have been really exciting around here back then,’ just remember that the exciting time for Virginia Tech football, the Golden Era, is right now!”

Jim Weaver - “The first thing that you’ll notice about us, is that we’re different. We don’t just say ‘family,’ we are family. I give Coach Beamer credit for that. It’s the way he’s built this football program and it’s a model I’ve tried to take from him and implement across our entire athletic department. I think one of the biggest complements about our football program is that moms and dads keep sending us their sons. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but under Coach Beamer, we’ve had so many brother combinations come here that there are truly too many to count. In the recruiting class that we just signed, we’re bringing in the younger brothers of Vinnie Fuller, Antonie Hopkins, Ryan Shuman, Nubian Peak and the cousin of Logan Thomas. Trust me, if you didn’t do a great job with their first son, they’re not sending you another one. I think it’s important that you parents know that.

Also, people who truly understand the game, they’ve made it their profession, send their sons to play for Coach Beamer. Don Warren was a standout tight end in the NFL with the Washington Redskins. He sent all three of his sons here. Russ Grimm is the assistant head coach of the Arizona Cardinals and a Hall of Famer, he sent his two boys to play for Coach Beamer. We have plenty examples. And, in our last recruiting class, Gregg Williams, the defensive coordinator of the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, a guy who knows a thing or two about defense, sends his son to play for Coach Beamer and Bud Foster.

There’s just so much to be excited about when you’re talking football here at Virginia Tech. I’m excited that these players know they’re expected to graduate. We send players to the NFL left and right, but we’ll never be labeled a football factory. We’ve been honored by the AFCA in 5 of the last 7 years for outstanding academic achievement in our football program by graduating at least 70% each year. When you compare that with what’s going on across the country, it’s impressive. But, we want to do better here at Virginia Tech. We’re pushing for 75% and when we hit that we’ll push for 80%!

I’m excited that we’ve currently been to 17 straight bowl games. Only Florida and Florida State can say that. I’m excited that we’ve won at least 10 games for the last six seasons. Only 1 other school has accomplished that, Texas. In our first 6 years in the ACC, we’ve won three ACC Championships. Of course that means we’ve been to three BCS Bowls over that same span. Since 1997, only Florida and Ohio State have more victories than Virginia Tech. What that tells you is that we’re on the right path to winning a National Championship. We’re getting close. And, with these coaches and players like you, we’ll get closer. But make no mistake about it, Virginia Tech is in the upper echelon of college football and we’re committed to keeping it there.”


 Winter Off-Season Testing Results Coming In and Looking Good!

Jarrett Ferguson, Director of Strength and Conditioning - "There are some great testing results this year. Our guys have really worked hard this training cycle and it is really showing in their results. Here's our first set of top performers, with more to come this week."

Back Squat

  • Jake Johnson - 605
  • Telvion Clark - 565
  • Vinston Painter - 535
  • David Wang - 530
  • Kwamaine Battle - 530
  • Antoine Hopkins - 530
  • Barquell Rivers - 530

Vertical Jump

  • Marcus Davis - 43" (position record)
  • Ryan Williams - 39.5"
  • Jarrett Boykin - 39"
  • Patrick Terry - 38.5"
  • Alonzo Tweedy - 38.5"

Front Squat

  • Kenny Younger - 500 (position record)
  • Josh Call - 450
  • David Wilson - 435
  • Danny Coale - 430 (position record)
  • D.J. Coles - 410
  • Darren Evans - 410
  • Josh Oglesby - 410

10 Yard

  • Nubian Peak - 1.55
  • Roc Carmichael - 1.6
  • Dyrell Roberts - 1.62
  • Jayron Hosely - 1.63
  • Danny Coale - 1.64
  • Mark Carter - 1.64

Push Jerk

  • Barquell Rivers - 380 (position record)
  • Vinston Painter - 361
  • Beau Warren - 356
  • Greg Nosal - 351
  • Jaymes Brooks - 351


 A Look at the Practice Field Flood Due to Cassell Coliseum Delivery Accident

Go Hokies!


 Hokies Home Team vs. Boise State

The Hokies have been designated the home team for their 9/6/10 season opening game with Boise State in Washington, DC. Tech will wear their new Maroon jerseys with white pants.



Effective August 1, 2010, in NCAA football, an institution can sign no more than 28 student athletes to a National Letter of Intent. The limit of 25 initial enrollees remains unchanged.

In addition, an institution's subvarsity team (JV) can no longer compete against any team that includes prospective student athletes - (i.e., games with Hargrave and Fork Union are now prohibited).



New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was notified today that his youngest son, Chase, was named to the Super Prep All American Football Team.

Chase Williams, a linebacker, has committed to Virginia Tech, where he is currently enrolled and attending classes.

"We are proud of him," Gregg Williams said. "Let this be the start of good news to the Williams family during Super Bowl week!"

Chase Williams, 6 feet 3 and 240 pounds, runs the 40 in 4.61 seconds and bench-pressed 225 pounds 25 times in the combine for college-bound players. During his senior season of high school, he had 173 tackles, 24 tackles for loss, 12 forced fumbles, 11 sacks and four interceptions. He finished his prep career with double-digit tackles in 27 straight games.



The Hokies will report for fall practice on Thursday, August 5, 2010.


 L-O-I SIGNING DAY - Wednesday, February 3rd !

Whew! Since returning from Virginia Tech’s win over Tennessee at the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta, the staff here at has been hard at work putting together the Recruiting Profiles that our Coaches Club members will enjoy this Wednesday.

We think Virginia Tech fans will be highly impressed with what these new Hokies have already accomplished to this point, both on the field, and, in the classroom! We also strive to spotlight the “person” as well as the “player” in our interviews.

Securing video highlights, pictures, signee interviews (just tracking these young men down is quite the undertaking), coaching staff comments and much more, can be compared to “herding cats.” But it is well worth the effort because we know how popular Signing Day is on and we’re glad to do it.

We’re in the process of putting the finishing touches on each and every profile and we very much hope that you enjoy getting to know Virginia Tech’s Class of 2010 on Wednesday.

Thank you for your continued support!


 "WHITE OUT" 2010 has learned this morning that the 2010 "White Out" game in Lane Stadium will be against James Madison University, on September 11, 2010. Once again, special "Herma's Readers White Out" t-shirts will be sold for the game with all proceeds going toward the Herma's Readers literacy program. Here's an advance look at the white out shirts that are already on sale in Atlanta for the bowl game.

2010 White Out T Shirt Back
2010 White Out T-Shirt Front


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